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Diagnostic Testing

If your pet is sick our doctor will frequently recommend laboratory testing to determine the cause of your pet's problem.  There are many different blood tests available to help diagnose a problem but a CBC (complete blood count), blood chemistry panel and urinalysis are the key tests initially run. A CBC can detect problems with the red blood cells (like anemia), the white blood cells (frequently elevated with infection) or the platelets (involved with clotting function).  Blood chemistries provide information about liver, kidney, and pancreas function, along with blood sugar and protein levels. A urinalysis, gives information about kidney function and can detect a urinary tract infection. 

We can perform these screening tests in-house, so treatment of your pets' condition can begin immediately.  If additional or more in-depth testing is needed, we send samples daily to a national veterinary reference laboratory. Many tests have results available the next day.

Radiology (x-ray) is an important diagnostic tool. X-rays are useful for diagnosing a variety of conditions, including everything from lameness to heart problems to intestinal foreign bodies.  We take the majority of our radiographs with the animal awake, though some studies do require mild sedation.

Did you know that animals can suffer from many of the same conditions that are common in people, like hypertension or glaucoma?  We can measure both blood pressure and intraocular pressure in minutes by simple tests in our office.

Many pets suffer from seasonal inhaled allergies (atopy).  Some of the signs of allergies include:   excessive licking, chewing, scratching, which often results in hair loss, skin sores and secondary skin infections.  While there are many medicines used to control the itching, one of the best treatments is allergy injections (immunotherapy).  We partner with Heska Laboratory, which can test your pet's blood for up to 83 allergens.  When your pet's sensitivities are identified, an individualized treatment set can be made specifically for your pet. Until recently, treatment sets had been by injection, but now an oral form is also available. To learn more go to  



  • In-house testing for complete blood count, blood chemistries and urinalysis
  • X-ray
  • Heartworm/Lyme/Ehrlichia/Anaplasma testing for dogs
  • Heartworm/Feline Leukemia Virus/Feline Immunodeficiency Virus testing for Cats
  • EKG, Blood Pressure, Intraocular Pressure (Glaucoma screening)
  • Dental Digital X-ray
  • Flexible Endoscope
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